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Luker by Neighborhood

Starting in 1994 in Harajuku using elements like military, work, outdoor, etc. while adding the essence of motorcycles and car culture; NEIGHBORHOOD continues with its basic clothing making of originally interpreting and digesting these components. Not just perceiving fashion as something that will only be consumed, but instead supporting the individual’s fashion centric lifestyle. This thought has been consistent and protected since the brand was established. Since 2009 for Neighborhood's 15th year, a new brand called LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD was started to be able to convey to more people, and to a new market. Using a solid and universal approach for the base, the focus of composition is inherited from NEIGHBORHOOD in the aspect of how it is centered around military and work, but characteristically LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD has a more refined silhouette and sizing, having a tighter build on the whole. Also as another trait of the brand, the item lineup and the graphic designs’ images are heavily influenced from the UK.



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