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Bootleg Is Better

Having grown up in the 90s, Avi Friedman, better known as Avi Gold, took an interest in street culture having been influenced by his older brother, spending time in downtown Toronto and travelling through Europe. It was the exposure to a broad variety of sources such as magazines, mixtapes, skateboarding videos, and rap videos that opened his eyes to a whole other world of existence. His interest in these things lead him to other channels such as sneakers, graffiti, apparel, vinyl records, etc... In the early 2000s, Avi Gold helped launch an online publication with a group of friends that was well ahead of its time. It allowed him to connect with a variety of interesting artists, photographers, skaters, and musicians between Toronto and New York. Moving on from there, Avi was instrumental in building Sneeze Magazine, a large format publication based in Vancouver and New York. Currently, Avi Gold resides in Toronto and serves as a creative consultant on various projects all while creating his own products.



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