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On the eve of our much-hyped Red Devils’ World Cup campaign in Brazil, VIER has teamed up with Belgium’s most notorious hooligan firm 'Antwerp Casual Crew' to lift another aspect of this country’s broad cultural football heritage out of the suburban back alley shadows and into the stadium lights. Since the mid 1980s ‘casuals’ have been ditching their traditional club colors in favor of high-end technical sportswear from expensive designer brands. This more formal attire made it easier to infiltrate rival crews, get access to stadiums and evade the police, and was in essence as much a battle tactic than an expression of style and identity. These ‘Old Skool Hools’ have now become more anonymous and have infiltrated society. They have switched their Paul & Shark for Norse Projects, Burberry for Our Legacy and other snobbish nineties brands for more contemporary premium street wear, but the spirit and tactics remain the same. In honour of this influential movement VIER and ACC will release a series of T-shirts featuring striking images selected from a private photographic archive of the golden era of Antwerp’s casual culture. Each image is superimposed with the iconic VIER ‘Antwerp’ logo to make this a unique, must-have design. In addition, the release is accompanied by a documentary style short-movie shot by Sander Vandebroucke and featuring original top boys of the ACC’s rank and file. THE COLLECTION WILL BE RELEASED ON SATURDAY JUNE 14TH INSTORE

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